How does an escape to nature sound? Check out this blog for the best hiking spots and tips.

Hiking is one of the favorite activities for tourists who like adventure and connection with nature.

Check out our 5 best-recommended places to go hiking around the world and tips you could use along the way.


Half Dome, Yosemite

Cinque Terre, Italia

Barrancas del Cobre, México

El sendero de Kalalau , Hawái

Parque Nacional Chirripó, Costa Rica 

Regardless of the destination you choose, follow these tips so that you are prepared for the adventure.


Research the Route

It is important that you investigate the route of your destination and its conditions in advance. You must take into account where it begins and where it ends, approximately how many kilometers you are going to cover, and its level of difficulty.

Also, stay aware of the weather conditions.

It is important that once you have investigated the route and its difficulty, you train in advance so that when you reach your destination you can enjoy every moment. 


Wear the Right Clothing

The most recommended thing is that you use trekking boots or footwear suitable for the mountain, that has a thick sole, supports the ankle, and is waterproof.

This will avoid a sprained ankle or an unexpected slip.

As for the clothes you should wear, keep in mind that the weather can change at any time, you should wear comfortable and easy-to-carry clothing that dries quickly in case it rains or gets wet.

Use a backpack that gives you support in the shoulders, lower back, and hips.

Protect yourself from the sun, don’t forget to wear a hat and sunscreen, due to how solar radiation is stronger in the mountains and you should avoid burns.


Use Hiking Poles 

The poles used for hiking will provide adequate support for you to maintain your balance and reduce the impact of weight on your joints. Without a doubt, they are an essential item in your adventure.


Hydration and Energy

When you need extra energy you should always have nuts, energy bars, fruit, or cookies on hand. Do not eat anything heavy on the way, and make sure your stops are 10 minutes each.

To hydrate yourself, always have your drink at hand, we recommend you to carry at least a liter and a half of water, or hydrating drinks, never carry carbonated soft drinks. Sip constantly.



Although you inform yourself about the route beforehand, it is advisable to take a map or a GPS in case you need orientation.


Keep your Own Pace

Do not rush to reach the top, try to maintain a constant speed so that you maintain your energy throughout the journey, make sure you take walks according to your physical capacity.

Remember to be a responsible tourist and take care of the environment when you visit these natural areas.

Tell us what you think of these recommendations, remember that with Economy you can always count on discovering incredible places.


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