Feel the adrenaline of extreme sports

If you are passionate about adventure and extreme sports, this guide is for you.

Extreme sports require good physical condition, discipline, a taste for adrenaline and risk.

Here are our recommendations for extreme sports and the caution you should have when doing them.

It is important that you prepare and do your research before doing any extreme sports.


This sport is also part of the extremes and consists of diving to significant depths of the sea in order to explore the different species.

To dive, it is essential to be trained, since it is necessary to learn to use the equipment and the techniques to breathe underwater. You can visit Costa Rica to live this experience. 


This sport consists of descending rivers, in the direction of the current, with an inflatable boat, kayak or canoe. Of course, for it to be an extreme sport, those rivers that contain a risky channel are chosen. We recommend that you visit Salmon River, United States.


This extreme sport involves going up and down very high walls and at a very right angle.

This sport can be practiced in both warm and cold areas, even where snow or ice is observed. In some cases, the athletes are tied with ropes to avoid accidents and to be able to help each other, while in other cases, this is not practiced. Barrancas del Cobre, in Chihuahua Mexico, are incredible to practice this sport


It is one of the first extreme sports to be practiced. It is a practice in which the athlete must jump into the void but tied with an elastic rope, which is placed around the ankles.

It is important to take all precautions and ensuring that certain safety standards are met is key, as it is such a risky sport. you can visit the Bloukrans bridge in South Africa to do it. 


This sport is one of those that is practiced in the snow, it is the combination of skateboarding and skiing.

To practice snowboarding, in addition to the board, you must have appropriate clothing for snow and sunglasses. A good place to practice is New Zealand


It has to be done on beaches that have powerful and high waves.

This is why there are beaches and cities that have become a great attraction for surfers, such as Hawaii.

Follow these cares and recommendations that you should have when doing any of these extreme sports:

Be determined

Be 100% sure you want to practice them and not do it without your own conviction.

Find out

Plan and find out about safety measures, the equipment you need and how the sport you have chosen is practiced.

Get ready

You must have physical preparation according to the demands of the sport you have chosen. Do not improvise because it can affect your health.

Don’t venture alone

It is advisable to have an expert guide or that one of your companions be knowledgeable. Being alone is very risky.

Be wise and cautious

These sports require some precautions, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

Check the weather

Check the weather forecast for the trip in advance.

Eat well

Have a good breakfast, remember that you are going to expend a lot of energy, get  hydrated and eat healthy foods that help you regain strength.

Bring the right gear

Have the necessary protection and adequate equipment in good condition.

Follow the instructions to the letter

If it is not clear to you, ask. In this kind of activity your safety is most important. 

You already have the guide and the recommendations, you just have to leave your fear and venture with Economy 


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