Top 5 Places to Visit in Florida this Christmas

Florida is one of the most attractive destinations internationally, known for the magic that surrounds it from coast to coast; with its beauties of natural beaches with crystal clear waters, towns with impressive architecture, and natural reserves that protect this state. 

Check out these 5 places you must visit in Florida this Christmas season:

 1. South Beach

Located on the coast of Miami, Florida, is the site having the best night parties to have a good time with your friends and family. In addition, there are buildings with unique designs and neon lights that will transport you to a state of joy and fun.

2. Everglades

If you like nature and exotic animals, this is your ideal destination. This national park is characterized by its famous crocodiles, its variety of birds, and even panthers. Paths, canals, and rest areas allow various activities to be carried out here, such as canoeing, airboat rides, hiking, and camping.


3. Ft. Lauderdale

Known as the “Venice of North America” due to the number of canals that surround it, making marine activities the most attractive ones, in addition to a spectacular beach where you can enjoy fishing and luxurious cruises. You can book in our office here.


4. Key West 

This location is one of the most picturesque and fun towns in South Florida, due to its proximity to the coast of Cuba. The clear and crystalline water of its sea offers the possibility of practicing activities such as snorkeling so you can appreciate closely the beauty of its reefs.


 5. Sanibel Island

If beaches are your thing, this is the right place. Sanibel beaches are renowned for the millions of seashells that adorn its shores, as well as the pelicans and exotic birds in the area. Definitely an unforgettable experience.


Best travel places to go this christmas season

Holidays are to enjoy and discover new destinations with family, friends, partners and why not alone.

Economy always thinks of you, that’s why we leave you a list of destinations and their main attractions that you definitely have to visit this Christmas.


This destination is one of the favorite destinations of many, since it has a magical atmosphere that completely surrounds you. Orlando offers parks, parades, shows, and more.

You cannot miss the famous Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, where you will be able to enjoy all the famous Disney characters.

We advise you to stay near the parks so that you can fully enjoy all the shows. In addition, we recommend you rent a vehicle so that you can transport yourself comfortably.

If you want to know other attractions besides Disney click here 


Quebec in Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations to travel this Christmas season, its most representative symbols are its Festivals of Light, Santa Claus, and snow. 

They have the Santa Claus parade, which is one of the most anticipated traditions by all.

Nutcracker Christmas

The fantastic Casa Loma castle is one of the must-see places in Toronto, becoming the setting for Nutcracker Christmas. This fair will fascinate you with illusion shows, ice skating performances, and even the opportunity to take a selfie with Santa Claus.


Brazil, besides having landscapes and beaches that attract thousands of tourists, has a friendly culture and an atmosphere full of joy.

You can enjoy the Natal Luz Festival that is celebrated in Gramado, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. This Christmas party, which turns 31, has already become one of the most important Christmas festivals in the country as it celebrates Christmas for 60 days without rest.

Curitiba, a city in the south of the country, has a contest held annually in which residents whose houses have the most spectacular decorations, both externally and internally, are rewarded.

Costa Rica

If you are looking for a paradisiacal destination with beaches and mountains, Costa Rica is the perfect tourist destination to relax and enjoy its natural beauties.

You can find spectacular beaches throughout the country, we recommend visiting Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Flamingo, and Santa Teresa.

If you want to enjoy the immense flora and fauna, you can take the opportunity to visit Manuel Antonio National Park or Poás Volcano National Park.

Costa Rica also has volcanoes, mountains, and cloud forests that you can explore.


San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is a magical destination to visit during the Christmas season, due to its colonial architecture that captivates and enchants visitors.

Here you can enjoy the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, the handicraft market, and places where you can buy souvenirs.

The viewpoint of San Miguel is ideal to get views of the entire region.

In the square, posadas are held, where there are tastings and Christmas movie performances, and when Christmas draws to a close, Christmas hits are performed in the central square.

Choose your favorite destination and contact us, remember that Economy has offices in these destinations to make you have the most enjoyable and delightful travels. 

Do not miss the opportunity!

8 consejos para viajar más

¿Nunca has viajado o sentís que no viajás lo suficiente? ¡Nunca es tarde para vivir la pasión que los viajes y las nuevas experiencias te pueden dar! Mirá estos consejos para que te propongás cambiar a ideas, actitudes y hábitos que te harán viajar más:

1. Ahorrá para tus vacaciones

piggy-bank-1595992_1920 (1).jpg

Hacé un plan de ahorro realista destinado a tus viajes. Podés establecer metas mensuales, semestrales o anuales de ahorro. Consultá este plan de ahorro para tus vacaciones

2. Buscá destinos ecológicos y de turismo rural


Los tour operadores, hospedajes y restaurantes de ecoturismo o turismo rural por lo general son más económicos; además de que estarás apoyando familias y emprendimientos locales. Revisá estos destinos de turismo rural en Costa Rica

3. Intentá viajar con familia, amigos o pareja


Si bien viajar solo es una gran experiencia, viajar acompañado tiene sus ventajas si lo que querés es viajar más. Viajar en compañía te ayuda a reducir costos y si las personas con las que viajás son más experimentadas, pueden darte tips importantes. 

Banner_blog_01-02 (2)

4. Aprovechá los findes y feriados


Si trabajás y/o estudiás, sin duda que pasar todo el finde en tu cama viendo Netflix suena tentador. Pero hacer el esfuerzo de planear un viaje  y levantarse temprano el sábado o domingo puede valer la pena. Uno o dos fines de semana al mes escapate a conocer algún lugar nuevo. Mirá estos destinos económicos cerca de San José

5. Viajá en temporadas bajas


Planeá con tiempo y viajá en temporadas bajas tanto al extranjero como a nivel nacional. Podés ahorrarte mucho dinero en hospedaje y alimentación, además de encontrar descuentos y promociones especiales de temporada. 

6. Visitá destinos internacionales a bajo costo


Muchos sueñan con postear una foto en su instagram junto a la Torre Eiffel o caminando por las calles de New York. ¿Pero porqué no empezar con destinos a bajo costo y cercanos? Podés ahorrar dinero y de igual manera estarás conociendo nuevos lugares. Echá un ojo a estos destinos internacionales a bajo costo

7. Suscríbete a blogs de viajes

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-27 a la(s) 11.51.08.png

Además de obtener inspiración, recibirás descuentos, promociones y tips de viaje de distintos bloggers y marcas. ¿Ya te suscribiste a nuestro blog?

8. Priorizá el viajar


Recordá que tenés que cambiar tu forma de pensamiento para cambiar tus acciones. Si querés viajar más, tendrás que hacer ciertos sacrificios, como recortar gastos para ahorrar dinero o en ocasiones levantarte temprano en tus días libres. ¡Pero valdrán la pena!


¿Cuáles otros consejos recomendás para viajar más? Contanos en los comentarios. 



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8 tips to travel more

Haven’t you traveled before? Do you think you’re not traveling enough? Never it’ s too late to get started to experience the passion of traveling! Take a look at these tips to encourage yourself to change your lifestyle and travel more.

1. Save money for traveling 

piggy-bank-1595992_1920 (1).jpg

Made up a plan with realistic goals to save money for your travels or vacations. You could set weekly or monthly goals in order to collect savings. Take a look at this plan to save money for traveling more

2. Look for ecotourism destinations


Ecotourism tours, accommodations and restaurants are generally cheaper; besides you can support local families and small businesses or entrepreneurs. Check out these ecotourism options to to see some extreme and beautiful natural wonders.

3. Try to travel with your partner, family or friends


Traveling alone is such a good experience, but traveling with company could make you save money and get good tips from your travel companions if they have previous experience. 

4. Make the most of the weekends and holidays


If you study or work on a full time shift, spending the entire weekend in your bed watching Netflix sounds tempting. But make the effort to plan a trip and get up early on Saturday or Sunday may be worth it. What about a road trip? We’ve prepared this list of the 6 things that you must have on your next roadtrip.

5. Travel in low season


Naturally, low seasons mean low demand in terms of plane tickets, train tickets, and accommodations. You could get great rates and deals.

6. Visit cheap destinations


Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe have a lot of options for the savers. You will fill your desire for adventure overseas without emptying your wallet! Take a look at these low budget destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

7. Subscribe to travel blogs

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-27 a la(s) 11.51.08.png

Travel blogs are a fantastic source of inspiration. They’re a great way to figure out where you want to travel and how you can save money as well.

8. Priorize travel over anything else 


If you really want to travel, then you will probably have to make some sacrifices in other parts of your life. You might have to say no to eating our or go shopping, or you should have to wake up early on weekends. But will be worth!

What other tips do you recommend to travel more? Tell us in the comment section!



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Road trip tips for beginners

Road trips are more convenient than air travel, offer just as much (or even more) adventure and gives you the opportunity to make memories that will last you a lifetime. However, road trips take a little planning. Here are a few tips that will help make your first road trip a success.

1. Decide on an easy destination

Choose a destination that is not too far away for your first road trip. For example, choose a city couple of hours away. You will enjoy a nice drive to your destination, spend some time in a new place, and drive back home all in one day.

2. Choose and plan your route

You can use a map or the internet to plan a route. You may take the scenic route or back roads rather than highways, it’s up to you.

3. Grab technology tools

Technology can be a agreat partner when you’re planning a road trip or even when you’re already on the road. Check out this 5 great free road trip apps.

4. Check your car

Few days before your road trip, have your mechanic check your car’s fluid levels, brakes, tires and anything else that could cause problems.

6. Consider renting a car

Your car may not be not made for long trips. With any road trip you take, consider what car is best for your needs and services the best aspects of the drive. Need to rent a car? Rent it with us!

7. Bring some entertainment

Whether you’re tapping into your own collection of music, streaming tunes via Spotify, or listening to your favorite podcasts, make sure your phone is set to keep you entertained over the driving.

8. Stay safe

Go down those small roads, get out of your comfort zone and explore, but be alert all the time. If you have the room, keep a gallon of water and another one for gas.

A successful road trip will stay with you for life. What other tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.