Top 5 Places to Visit in Florida this Christmas

Florida is one of the most attractive destinations internationally, known for the magic that surrounds it from coast to coast; with its beauties of natural beaches with crystal clear waters, towns with impressive architecture, and natural reserves that protect this state. 

Check out these 5 places you must visit in Florida this Christmas season:

 1. South Beach

Located on the coast of Miami, Florida, is the site having the best night parties to have a good time with your friends and family. In addition, there are buildings with unique designs and neon lights that will transport you to a state of joy and fun.

2. Everglades

If you like nature and exotic animals, this is your ideal destination. This national park is characterized by its famous crocodiles, its variety of birds, and even panthers. Paths, canals, and rest areas allow various activities to be carried out here, such as canoeing, airboat rides, hiking, and camping.


3. Ft. Lauderdale

Known as the “Venice of North America” due to the number of canals that surround it, making marine activities the most attractive ones, in addition to a spectacular beach where you can enjoy fishing and luxurious cruises. You can book in our office here.


4. Key West 

This location is one of the most picturesque and fun towns in South Florida, due to its proximity to the coast of Cuba. The clear and crystalline water of its sea offers the possibility of practicing activities such as snorkeling so you can appreciate closely the beauty of its reefs.


 5. Sanibel Island

If beaches are your thing, this is the right place. Sanibel beaches are renowned for the millions of seashells that adorn its shores, as well as the pelicans and exotic birds in the area. Definitely an unforgettable experience.


5 tips for you to travel safely and calmly

Hurry Up it’s almost Christmas!

5 tips for you to travel safely and calmly

December, a month in which the Christmas airs overflow, everything is happiness, trips and gifts; However, the long lines and lack of preparation can make you have a bitter time; which is why we offer you 5 tips to book in advance and have your car ready on time.

1.Know the rental requirements: One of the requirements to rent a vehicle is to have a minimum age of 18 and a credit card to carry out your procedure, you can consult the additional requirements in our website

2 Make your reservation: This is essential, reserve your vehicle in advance in times of high tourist season, this way you can analyze the best offer, choose the type of vehicle you need, and make sure that when you arrive at the destination you already have your vehicle reserved. Remember that to reserve you have to visit our page , select the location, departure and arrival date, nationality and age.

  1. Choose the ideal vehicle: Each rental car company has different models of vehicles, so you can evaluate all the options, taking into account the number of passengers and the space necessary for your luggage. Choose wisely! Additional equipment: Remember to put aside your wifi, baby chair, booster and other items that you may need on your trip and have everything ready at the time of your reservation.

4.Early check In: To carry out the pre-registration you must log into your email, select the one with the name “Check in and Save Time” and follow these steps:

  • Confirm your personal information, driver license and address information, upon your arrival. 
  • In case you have your own insurance, add it’s information (this part is optional). 
  • At this point you’ll be checked in

¡You’re checked In! Please be sure to bring all the documentation  and that it matches the information you provided during the check in process.

  1. Travel safely: And now you are ready! Once your reservation is made you can travel safely and calmly and enjoy your trip without  any worries.

¡Enjoy your trip!

Travel guide to Atacama desert

The Atacama Desert is the driest in the world, it is also the eyes of the planet with 40% of the main telescopes. Check out this guide to visit the desert that with its extreme geological formations will make you feel teleported to Mars.

How to get to Atacama desert?

The Atacama Desert is located in northern Chile and covers several regions of this country. The best way to access the desert and its main points is to be based in the town of San Pedro de Atacama. This town located in the region of Antofagasta.

If you go from Santiago, the capital of Chile, you can arrive by three routes:

Getting by plane to Calama it last approximately 2 hours. In Calama you have to take a transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, it last 1 hour.

Getting by direct bus from Santiago it last approximately 1 day.

Getting by car from Santiago it last a couple of days taking few stops. You can rent a vehicle with us, know our office and our fleet in Santiago. You must rent a 4 x 4 car to visit Atacama

When to visit Atacama desert?

Access to the desert and its services is open throughout the year, but the best time to visit it is December because the best temperatures, but this means more visitors around. From July to September is the low season due to winter and low temperatures in the desert, but you can also visit it.

Where to stay?

As we’ve told you, most visitors take the small town of San Pedro de Atacama as base to visit the main spots around. In this small town you can find from 5 star hotels to simple hostels.

How to visit the Atacama desert?

With its salt flats, hot springs, geysers and beautiful landscapes, the Desert is one of the most striking destinations on the planet that offers you endless activities.

Many of the spots are natural reserves or national parks, others are privately owned but with paid access. You can rent a vehicle and visit all the desert destinations with freedom and flexibility. Remember we have an office in Santiago.

What spots visit?

After the immensity of rusty sandstone that will receive you on the first day, there is an entire extreme planet of active volcanoes, high plateau lakes, caves and deserts of limpid salt, monumental sand dunes and a myriad of geological shapes and surfaces that more closely resemble the scenography of a science fiction movie on Mars.

  • Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley).
  • Piedras Rojas.
  • Go Stargazing.
  • Float In Laguna Baltinache.
  • El Tatio Geysers.
  • Visit Salar de Tara.
  • Chacabuco Nitrate Village.
  • Find The Flamingos At Laguna Chaxa.
  • Salar of Atacama.
  • Laguna Cejar.
  • Laguna Tebinquinche.
  • Terms of Puritama.

Ready to visit an unique destination with amazing scenarios? Remember you can count on us in Chile.

The ultimate guide to visit Lisbon

Lisbon has a lot to offer your: from galleries and museums, great gastronomy and night life to charming neighbourhoods. The capital of Portugal is also extremely budget-friendly, making it easy to explore in depth. 

When visiting Lisbon

Portugal’s capital has 290 days of sunshine a year. However, the best time to visit Lisbon is either from March to May or September to October, because the weather is still warm and there are fewer crowds than in summer.


The language spoken in Lisbon is Portuguese but English is widely spoken by all the people who work within the tourist industry. 


The city has the Humberto Delgado Airport, which is located within the city. Lisbon also has a metro with 4 lines. 

Do you want to move freely through the city? Rent a car with us

Meet our office in Lisbon

What to visit in Lisbon

We present our selection of places that you can’t miss out:

1. Lisbon’s historic neighbourhoods

Some of the coolest neighbourhoods to visit when in Lisbon are: Alfama, Baixa and Rossio and Bairro Alto.

2. Praça do Comércio

The Praça do Comércio opens out on the Tejo Estuary, and is surrounded on three sides by yellow Pombaline architecture, with the decorative Arco da Rua Augusta as the focal point of the plaza.

3. The Cathedral of Lisbon

The Cathedral was built in the second half of the 12th century, holding the title of the oldest church in the Portuguese Capital. 

4. National Pantheon 

This is one of the most emblematic buildings in Lisbon and the last residence for many important historical figures of Portugal. 

5. Torre de Belém 

The Belém Tower was built in the 16th century as a fort to protect the coast from foreign attacks, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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