No plans yet this weekend? Discover these wonderful day trip destinations.

Who doesn’t love discovering new places? That’s why we want to recommend these three spectacular spots where you can take amazing day tours.

1. Orlando

Orlando, in addition to its parks, offers you a variety of activities that you can do in one day. Check out our top recommendation.

  • Lake Eola Park

You can get to Lake Eola from East Robinson Street (State Road 526), ​​Rosalind Avenue (State Road 527), East Central Boulevard (E Central Boulevard), or North Eola Drive.

In this lake you can take a walk around the lake, attend concerts and cultural events at the Walt Disney Amphitheater or have picnics with your loved ones.

You can also admire some of the contemporary sculptures of the See Art Tour

2. Cyprus

Did you know that Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Read about this amazing one day tour you can have while visiting this beautiful island.

  • Sea caves in Cape Greco

The caves are one of the most photographed places in Cyprus.

These incredible caves were created by the erosion of the sea. But the best thing is the turquoise color of the water, where the most adventurous can jump from the top and then relax in its irresistible waters.

If you prefer a quieter plan, we recommend going down to the cave to enjoy one of the best sunsets to see in Cyprus.

3. Kenya

Kenya is known for its scenic landscapes and wildlife. Check out what you can do while visiting this amazing country.

  • Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park is located in the Rift Valley Province.

This park gives you the possibility to see Mount Kilimanjaro and also to enjoy the wide variety of animals such as buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, gazelle, impala and predators such as lions, cheetahs, hyenas.

But its main attraction are the elephants, you can see them in herds and enjoy an approach with them. It is said that it is a unique visit.

This park is a Masai area, so it is very common to see both in the park and in its surroundings, villages of this ethnic group and Masai women and children taking care of their animals and collecting water.

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